Nico Smith (nicoechols) wrote,
Nico Smith

The Best Way to Show Up for the Disappointed and Hurting

               I <3 being there for those around me.:(  I can usually tell when someone may be hurting.  Who can be hurting when I’m around?  I mean, I know just what to say to make others feel better---needless of the situation.  I often know the right thing to say to somebody who is hurting.    Nothing makes me happier than to cheer somebody up whenever the opportunity ends up presenting itself.
               God can use me in any way possible.  I know there will be an opportunity in the coming year; however, I do hope that I don’t encounter any obstacles to stand in my way.  Ultimately, I would <3 to be a part of the choir at my church, and I hope that my dream of that will come true in the coming year.  That would be the most incredible thing to start the year off with, if you ask me.  Unfortunately, accessibility may make this a challenging obstacle because the choir room is in the lower level of our church, which unfortunately has stairs.
Tags: inspiration

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