Nico Smith (nicoechols) wrote,
Nico Smith

Elf On The Shelf Memories

         I <3 our winter adventures here at Deer Path of Huntley.  During the end of November through Christmas, we participated in a competition, where you had to take a picture of yourself with the elf on the shelf after you found it each day.:(  The crazy thing is that it was often put in spots that were way too easy for me to to find easily.
        Unfortunately, I don’t know who won our competition because there are  other facilities that participated in the competition.  Naturally, I am curious to know who from Deer Path of Huntley ended up winning the game.
        I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’m amongst the winners. Having a $50 giftcard for Wal-Mart would be just wonderful.  Unfortunately, I do know that there are other participants that participated, so so I’m thinking that this competition could possibly be tough to win.:)

Tags: elf on the shelf contest, holidays, snow, winter

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