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A Major Milestone

3 weeks ago today (Saturday, June 30) at 2PM, Ron Smith ad I got married. Adventurous times have been what we've already experienced, along with the occasional downfalls of tryig to work out any differences we may have encountered. We've been charishing our time together as a new family, especially if my family lives so far away, and I'm not sure when we'll actually be able to go up north for a ...visit. Aunt Darlene Nirenberg has been periodically calling to check in on how we're getting along.
During the past first three weeks of marriage, Ron and I have begun getting the things we need to make our little place feel more like our very own first-ever house. We've gotten food, bath supplies, a new stereo system, and enough drinks to last us for a while- untill we have time to go shopping again. It's good that we're compromising to get things we like, and I hope that this is how our marriage will last

Writer's Block: Did You Really Just...

I've never really received bad customer service from anywhere.

Writer's Block: Nightly Rituals

My husband and I usually try to get ready for bed by winding down with a warm shower, taking our meds, possibly watching the news, and curling up together.  He's trying to show me that he won't hurt me, so we take time for that, too.  Then he rubs my back and belly to help me sleep.  The only consequense is that our next door neighbor has been keeping us up at night, so we both have trouble sleeping.

Writer's Block: Getting It Done

In my life's to-do list, I am wanting to accomplish getting back to back gold medals in Special Olympics.

Writer's Block: Want vs. Have

I know I'm not as lucky as some people to have the best clothes or live in a fancy place, but I consider myself lucky to have the best husband ever.

Writer's Block: I Think I'd Be A....

I don't know what a daemon is, so I don't know what mine would be-nor, do I know what its name would be.

Writer's Block: Release Me

One thing in my life I'm holding on to- that I know I should let go of- is not being able to trust any guys I'm with.  My husband is trying to teach me that.  The thing getting in the way of doing this is the fact that I'm afraid of getting hurt.  The reason this is hard for me is fear of what's coming and not knowing if it's going to hrt.

Writer's Block: A Break in the Action

I like to try to take as many short vacations over time, but I like o take longer ones, if possible.

Writer's Block: Independence Day

Learning to be independent can be done by allowing a child to experience things on their own.

Writer's Block: The Path Not Taken

If I knew nobody would get on my case for it, I probably would've married my high school sweetheart sooner.

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