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Ome winter,
Around here.
Snow and ice---
Looks nice.

I’m staying in today,
Bad weather looks---
         Like it wants to,
Come back to play.

While looking out my window,
I can see all the snow.
The sky looks ugly,
As I can see.

I’m staying in today,
Out in the snow—
I don’t want,
         To play.
I’d rather be warm,
During the next,
Winter storm.

My comment to an entry 'Hello, Saturday!' by spikesgirl58

Dear Saturday,

The weather you brought today is sounding horrendous. At this time, it’s just cold and extremely windy. I know that wicked winter weather is inevitable today.:) I’m going to sit here, looking out my window as the wrath of Mother Nature is unleashed here in Huntley, Illinois as the day progresses.
Well, I know this weather hasn’t exactly done much damage yet; however, power outages are possible because of the sleet and freezing rain that has already come down. I think that the temperatures are steadily crashing, as it felt extremely chilly down on the first floor---totally not the least bit surprising.
I’m staying warm and where it’s dry.

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New Humidifier

Finally!  I got my humidifier replaced.  It is different from the last one, which is going to be a bit challenging because you have to flip the container upside down  to fill it with water, even make sure that the cap is screwed on tightly enough to prevent any water from spilling on the carpet.
Since it is dreary—looking this afternoon, I’m glad it’s up and running.  I’d <3 for my room to not be so dry.  Not only have my allergies been acting up for the last two weeks, my nose also is dry because of very low humidity right now in my room.  I’m glad that is going to be corrected once the humidifier gets going.

A Wonderful Afternoon

         I don’t know how,
         My day went so well.
         Neurologist appointment was awesome,
         We found a good one.

Yes, we’re sticking with her,
Than me,
She must be younger.
But, she figured me out,
No doubt.

She understood—
Yes, got me,
Totally understood,
My CP.

Amazing, if you ask---
No, this was not,
         A difficult task.
My mom and I asked questions,
Got answers---
No beating around the bush,
No big medical lingo—
Making us feel like
         We’re in limbo

Answer for question 810.

What story of personal greatness, achievement or success would your co-workers or friends be surprised to learn about you?
It’s January, and the weather in Northern Illinois isn’t bitterly cold like it normally is. In past years, we’ve had ice and snow, as well as bitterly cold temperatures. I’m glad the new year didn’t start off bitterly cold; however, this is a bit unusual for winter. THE OTHER UNUSUAL THING IS THAT WE HAVEN’T GOTTEN MUCH SNOW THIS WINTER. I’m actually glad of this because I don’t have to go slip-sliding around while I’m out and about this afternoon to the neurologist.

First Neurologist Appointment In More Than A Year

                What a busy afternoon I’m going to have!:(  It’s off to the neurologist for this girl today!  Ultimately, it’s not because I’m having issues---not at all.  Rather, I’m going for a “follow-up” that’s way overdue.  The last time I went to the neurologist was before getting sick nearly two years ago.  Unfortunately, the last neurologist didn’t say anything about making sure my shunt was still operational---he was no help with that whatsoever.
               The other good thing about this particular appointment is that it gives me a good excuse to not be here for dinner tonight.  Whenever I have appointments, it gives my mom and I a good excuse to go out to eat somewhere.:(  It’s one of my most favorite things about going places with my mom.  She and I go to various different places every now and then, an adventure that we both completely enjoy.

Answer for question 3269.

What is your New Year’s Resolution?
I wouldn’t exactly call it a New Year’s resolution. Unfortunately, a resolution isn’t something that’s easy to keep---needless of how you may make an effort.:) Nevertheless, I’d like to say that I have a wish and a goal for the coming year.
My wish/goal is that I get to join the choir at St. Ann’s Episcopal Church in Woodstock, Illinois. I’ve already spoken to the choir director, and she is going to do everything she possibly can to make this dream come completely true for me---a wish that I’ve had since I first began attending nearly two years ago.

The Best Way to Show Up for the Disappointed and Hurting

               I <3 being there for those around me.:(  I can usually tell when someone may be hurting.  Who can be hurting when I’m around?  I mean, I know just what to say to make others feel better---needless of the situation.  I often know the right thing to say to somebody who is hurting.    Nothing makes me happier than to cheer somebody up whenever the opportunity ends up presenting itself.
               God can use me in any way possible.  I know there will be an opportunity in the coming year; however, I do hope that I don’t encounter any obstacles to stand in my way.  Ultimately, I would <3 to be a part of the choir at my church, and I hope that my dream of that will come true in the coming year.  That would be the most incredible thing to start the year off with, if you ask me.  Unfortunately, accessibility may make this a challenging obstacle because the choir room is in the lower level of our church, which unfortunately has stairs.

Elf On The Shelf Memories

         I <3 our winter adventures here at Deer Path of Huntley.  During the end of November through Christmas, we participated in a competition, where you had to take a picture of yourself with the elf on the shelf after you found it each day.:(  The crazy thing is that it was often put in spots that were way too easy for me to to find easily.
        Unfortunately, I don’t know who won our competition because there are  other facilities that participated in the competition.  Naturally, I am curious to know who from Deer Path of Huntley ended up winning the game.
        I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’m amongst the winners. Having a $50 giftcard for Wal-Mart would be just wonderful.  Unfortunately, I do know that there are other participants that participated, so so I’m thinking that this competition could possibly be tough to win.:)

New Year's Eve

I <3 this time of year.:) Ultimately, it’s time to look back on the past year. Yes, there’s been lots going on, cool things. I <4 how 2019 has been full of unexpected things---many of which I never really dreamed of whatsoever. One thing is for sure, this year is going to end on a sour note in a way because the Chicago Bears don’t get to see the playoffs.

I <3 today because I can look forward to what’s yet to come for me next year. One thing I know I’m looking forward to is the opportunity of being a part of the choir at my church—St. Ann’s Episcopal Church in Woodstock, Illinois. This is something that I’ve been dreaming about since I first began attending nearly two years ago.